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10 tips to help reduce pet allergies in the home

Pet allergies are caused by proteins found in a pet's dander (dead skin flakes), urine, saliva, and fur. These pro...

6 Fun Ideas For Doggie Date Night

Did you know that on February 3rd dog enthusiasts will mark their calendars to celebrate Doggie Date Night? Doggie Da...

A Healthy, Homemade Dog Treat Alternative For Store-Bought Treats

  Ingredients: 1 cup of whole wheat flour 1 cup of rolled oats 1 ripe banana 1 egg 1/4 cup of natural peanut butter...

Should I use a dog harness or collar when walking my dog?

A dog harness can provide several benefits over a collar, particularly when it comes to the health and safety of the ...

How To Keep Your Dog Comfortable During The Winter Months

It is important to keep your dog comfortable during the winter months because the cold temperatures can be da...

5 Things To Do In The Backyard With Your Dog This Summer

Backyard games are a great source of activity for high-energy dogs, those who are watching their weight, and just ab...

Top 5 Dangers To Pets During The Holidays

It's been a hectic (but fun-filled) holiday season around my home this year. We've got a very active one and half-year-old wire fox terrier (Spencer) and a four-month-old Irish setter (Scarlett) that's keeping us on our toes! Combine that with our rescue Pomeranian (Harry) and two rescue cats (Rocket and Apollo) and........well, you get the picture.

Howl-🎃-ween Giveaway!

Howl-o-ween Challenge! First place: Everyday collar and matching leash. Second place: heavy-duty adjustable leash. Third place: everyday collar.
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Strong demand for the new Fi Series 3 has created supply chain challenges with suppliers. As a result, we are experiencing shipping delays for the new Fi Series 3 bands. As of 1/5/22 we are currently shipping orders placed on 01/01/23 and later. We are fulfilling orders in the order they were received. We thank you for your patience and will work as quick as we can to get your order fulfilled.

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