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⛱️🌞🌺 Spring/Summer Collection Is Here! 🌺🌞⛱️

Check our seven newest designs which will surely turn heads this spring and summer!

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Fit Guide

Quick Fit Harness

NOTE: If your measurements are at the very max of any given size range, go with the next size up.

Are you spending too much time getting your dog’s harness on and off? Does your dog hate putting his legs through the tiny harness loops? If so, the LUCKY+DOG Harness is perfect for your pup. Get rid of your step-in dog harness vest and allow the LUCKY+DOG quick fit harness to make your life and your dog's life much easier.

The easy design is much easier and quicker than the traditional step in dog harnesses and only takes a few seconds to get on. This easy on-off design is great for small, medium, large dog breads and puppies or adults! No more trips to the vet for for rashes from harness rubbing!

ADJUSTABLE AND REFLECTIVE STRAPS: The adjustable and reflective straps allow for both safety and comfort.

**Please note that this harness will NOT STOP pulling, but is really easy to put on.**

Quick Fit Harness

Will this collar fit?

I want to be certain. Will it fit MY dog?

To be sure, you’ll want to measure your dog's neck. If you happen to have a soft measuring tape lying around, that works best! If you don't have one, use a piece of string, a cord or anything that you can wrap around our dog’s neck easily and then measure that. Remember - you'll want to get two fingers under the collar when it's on, so be sure to take that into consideration.