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LUCKY+DOG and Open Arms Studio Join Forces

LUCKY+DOG and Open Arms Studio Join Forces


LUCKY+DOG and Open Arms Studio Join Forces to Provide Job Opportunities for Local Refugees and Foster Business Growth

Austin, Texas 10/20/2023 — LUCKY+DOG, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality dog gear products, and Open Arms Studio, a social enterprise of the Multicultural Refugee Coalition ( that is dedicated to supporting local refugees through creative initiatives, are proud to announce a strategic manufacturing partnership. This collaboration provides job opportunities for local refugee women while expanding opportunities for growth and scalability at LUCKY+DOG.

LUCKY+DOG ( is a local pet product manufacturer that specializes in creating innovative, durable, and personalized dog gear products. It shows its commitment to less fortunate dogs by donating a percentage of sales to dog rescue groups. With a strong emphasis on quality and design, combined with its commitment to dog rescue groups, LUCKY+DOG has garnered a loyal customer base since its founding in 2019.

Open Arms Studio (, a social enterprise of the dynamic non-profit Multicultural Refugee Coalition based in Austin, Texas provides support and creative employment opportunities to local refugees. Through various artistic endeavors and collaborative partnerships, Open Arms Studio creates sustainable jobs for refugees in the textile industry, fostering self-sufficiency and a sense of belonging. Open Arms Studio has been instrumental in helping refugees integrate into the local workforce and community.

The manufacturing partnership between LUCKY+DOG and Open Arms Studio represents a harmonious union of respective strengths and missions. This collaboration aims to achieve several goals:

Economic Opportunities for Refugees: By partnering with Open Arms Studio, LUCKY+DOG actively contributes to economic opportunities of local refugees through employment opportunities bringing valuable skills and financial stability, helping them build better lives for themselves and their families.

Quality and Innovation: LUCKY+DOG's commitment to quality and innovation aligns perfectly with Open Arms Studio's mission by creating high quality products while fostering creativity and innovation among refugee employees.

Scalability and Growth: With access to a skilled and motivated workforce through Open Arms Studio, LUCKY+DOG enhances its manufacturing capabilities, allowing for increased production and business growth. This partnership creates a situation where both organizations can thrive.

Community Engagement: This collaboration underscores the importance of community engagement and social responsibility. By working together, LUCKY+DOG and Open Arms Studio exemplify the positive impact businesses have on communities.

"We are thrilled to embark on this partnership with Open Arms Studio," said Chris Murphy, CEO of LUCKY+DOG. “This collaboration strengthens our commitment to producing top-notch dog products and reinforces our dedication to social responsibility, and community engagement. We are excited to provide valuable work opportunities to local refugees while contributing to the growth and scalability of LUCKY+DOG."

This manufacturing partnership between LUCKY+DOG and Open Arms Studio represents a powerful business excellence and social impact synergy, demonstrating the potential for positive change when companies and social enterprises join forces to make a meaningful difference.

For media inquiries or more information, please contact: Courtney Ellington

LUCKY+DOG ( is a leading manufacturer of innovative and personalized dog gear products. With a commitment to quality products and funding for dog rescue groups, LUCKY+DOG aims to enhance the lives of pets and their owners through exceptional dog gear products.

About Open Arms Studio:
Open Arms Studio ( is a social enterprise of the Multicultural Refugee Coalition dedicated to providing livelihood opportunities for local refugee women through creative endeavors and collaborative partnerships. . By fostering creativity and self-sufficiency, Open Arms Studio helps refugees rebuild their lives and find a sense of belonging in their new communities.

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